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Headquarters Mumbai
Branch Location Mumbai
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Operating Since 2008
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About Make Plans

Make Plans Holidays is a Maldives Specialists independent outbound tour operator established in 2008, located in Mumbai, India. With a rep office in Male, Maldives, we maintain high standard of quality control and offer unsurpassed tour operation services to tourists across different nations like UAE, Turkey, South East Asia, Russia & India.

As Maldives Specialists, we work together with our main Tour Operators internationally at B2B basis, offering the best Maldivian Tourist products at attractive rates, combining reliability and efficient service that results in satisfied customers and rich business associates. We specialize in designing exclusive holiday packages that include leisure holidays, best Spa experiences, Adventure holidays, Family Holidays, Luxury Holidays, Honeymoon Holidays, Wedding Special packages & MICE Market. We at Make Plans Holidays make every effort to satisfy our customers by offering unparallel services.

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Spa and Wellness
Rsz spa e784ab953724f918fc00cec2c7922ae69972504ac33ba388b0e85fdef56a0be3 Spa and Wellness 10Packages
Rsz family b32ba97cab0a7ca650a76411cc40b6db3c2f6fd24bf7dbc1aec2359c93bc42ce Family 8Packages
Rsz budget c0c17e4f20a0fe40a9b76f34112e44026edf2441e76982bf6cbc4205b0441ab4 Budget 5Packages
Rsz adventure d788aacb2078eb221f31f37710e09f3403d8c344b28794f97449585f29adaedf Adventure 9Packages
Rsz luxury 762b710e291f7558c46f91f4b7cd214b57df24528d8f79660790ffb30e781699 Luxury 11Packages
Food and Drinks
Rsz fastfood 58dde9e125af945a21479489f8dadb201bfd3ebd37cf359abc59b1d80ffe37f9 Food and Drinks 9Packages
Rsz sports 4101f1f4d867adf3bfe210a7bae9a695cf2f92ad572afe0f2a7e4643cb7be93d Sports 5Packages
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