Amazing India Routes
Headquarters Uttar Pradesh
Branch Location Changspa Road, Shanti Stupa Area, Leh, Jammu and Kashmir 194101
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Operating Since 2015
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About Amazing India Routes

Travelling is a passion at Amazing India Routes. We pursue our passion and on the way enable the travelers to explore the exotic locations of India and the World. We offer all travel related services offering a seamless experience. We are more customer-centric and each service is designed from the ground up from the client perspective after an intensive research of offerings from competitors. We are different. 

Amazing India Routes has given much care to making each tour a memorable one. We care for our clients and design packages that give a happy memorable experience they will cherish. From taking meticulous care to pick quality hotels to meals according to preferences; from places to see to those little things like shopping or knowing more about each place’s significance, we go all out to deliver an experience beyond the ordinary. 

Here at Amazing India Routes we have something for everyone. Enjoy our short weekend getaways or opt for a customized package in which only you and your circle of family or friends travel together to select destinations anywhere in India for sightseeing, to enjoy the culture, for adventure, for shopping or just about any purpose. Regardless, you can rely on us to offer personalized attention, arrange accommodation in hotels within your budget, provide informed tour guides and take care of all surfaces as well as air transport arrangements leaving you free to enjoy unalloyed pleasure. 

Talk with us to know the Amazing difference we make to your travel experience.

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Hills and Valleys
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Rivers and Lakes
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