Oluokos Expeditions
Headquarters Kenya
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Operating Since 2015
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About Oluokos Expeditions

Oluokos Expeditions a family owned local social enterprise that is based in Ndisi village, Siaya, Kenya. We were moved by the level of isolation, remoteness and virgin nature in the Yala Valley and we decided to be the part of the solution towards the persisting problems.

The reduction of poverty and the development of rural communities in the Yala Valley Sanctuary of Western Kenya region and at the same time contribute to the preservation of the Luo culture and the unrivaled nature of this countryside remains to be one of our major goals.

Oluokos Expeditions is committed to responsible travel and true sustainability in the Yala Valley Sanctuary and its surrounding environment. This was a commitment formed when the company was established, and today, in the face of a multitude of threats to the environment, our culture and the tourism industry our commitment is stronger than ever.

Over the past two years we have honed our responsible travel philosophy and the initiatives we have in the field are continually being assessed and improved to ensure that we minimize our impact and where possible leave behind a positive impression.

Developer:- "Utkarsh Dwivedi"