Headquarters NEW DELHI
Branch Location Plot No. 48 Naveen Park Sahibabad Ghaziabad - 201005
IATA Reference
Operating Since 2016
Awards/Special Mention Completing first years of operation..

BOOKRUMZ is a start-up travel company based out of Delhi-NCR (India), established in APRIL 2016.

BOOKRUMZ Travel is young at heart & soul. It’s a group of passionate travel professionals having many years working in the travel & tourism industry and has come to believe that the best travel experience happen when creativity, care and attention to the traveller come first. At BOOKRUMZ, we are not just a travel agent, we are actually the travel partner or the personal travel desk for those who feel & believe in travelling, exploring and holidaying through the channel of service providers like us. We can share our experiences with the world & you can share your experiences with us.

The team is made up of dynamic individuals who are thoroughly experienced in the travel and tourism industry, full of new ideas, genuine enthusiasm and deep love for the passion of travel & technology. Through our quality & contracting with the best service providers around the globe & the hotels worldwide, we are uniquely positioned to provide service to our clients who make them happy & feel secure around the world.

Our head office is located in Delhi-NCR and we offer a full range of travel services for small groups and individuals to big groups & fixed departures to selected destinations. We provide travel arrangements with airport representatives, professional guides and escorts and good fleet of modern cars and coaches which is own by our partners.

We work closely with guests in developing their business and take it to the next level. We realize the dream of our guests and we believe to fulfill that dream into a reality when he travels through BOOKRUMZ. You may find some of our services to be a little expensive but our core value is that we are here for the long-term benefit of our guests and to provide the best-in-class service to our guests.

We also design & suggest itineraries which are popular in market but we are also professional in designing the customized tours for those who wants little extra on their tour. We believe the world is round and round, so you are destined to travel again & again to a particular destination.

A traveller enjoys different stages of his travel life, first he travel single, then he travel with couple, then with his kids & family and finally he travels in a group. BOOKRUMZ understands the taste of traveller & serve them the way they wanted to be.

To remain connected always and to remain update always on what’s happening with BOOKRUMZ, you can download BOOKRUMZ TRAVEL APP for Android Users only on PLAY STORE.

To access all the information regarding the tourist & business visa, you can visit our associate brand http://www.bookvisa.online for all your Visa Appointments. Download App from HERE – BOOKVISA ONLINE

BOOKRUMZ Travel is registered with Government of India under Ministry of Corporate Affairs

 [Refer Section 12(1)(b) of the LLP Act, 2008], LLP Identification Number: AAG-2012

The digitally signed certificate can be verified at the Ministry website (www.mca.gov.in)

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