Travel Mate India
Headquarters NEW Delhi
Branch Location Delhi/ Gurgaon/ Vaishali
IATA Reference IATA
Operating Since 1990
Awards/Special Mention Won numerous Top Agents Awards from more than 15th International Airlines through effective directorship and professional guidance.  Recognized by reputed airlines such as Singapore Airlines, Thai International Airways, Cathay Pacific, United Airlines, Royal Dutch Airlines, British Airways and Indian Airlines.  The organization got acknowledged by American Express Banking Corporation for achieving high targets in foreign exchange procurement for its clients.  Significantly expanded the scope of company’s operations to exhibitions and business fares in countries such as Italy and France.  Successfully diversified into inbound and outbound operations and started a fleet of cabs and taxis for the company’s transport division.  Established strategic tie-up with car rental company, viz. “Routes Car Rental” who are primarily suppliers for luxury vehicles for hotels; operating jointly from two 5 star hotels, i.e. ‘The Grand Hyatt’ & ‘The Park’.
About Travel Mate India

About our Company

Travel agent in Delhi is not just a name, but it is a commitment. We are a reputed and professionally managed company which has been in the business of Tour and Travel since 2000, based in New Delhi, India.

TRAVELMATE INDIA is one stop travel house, exploring the world can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. However, planning a trip can be extremely frustrating especially when one doesn’t know where to start. We understand travel needs of all and deliver the best through meticulous planning.

Traveling with TRAVELMATE is all about escaping the ordinary to truly appreciate the extraordinary. It's about bringing people together or taking them away, about discovering the world or getting lost in it.

TRAVELMATE brings together a highly trained team of individuals with over two decades of experience in the travel industry. A team which has the confidence and the expertise to handle the most complex and challenging tasks they are faced with.

Developer:- "Utkarsh Dwivedi"