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About My Travel Pie

What is MyTravelPie.com?

The Magpie is a bird that has long been known to collect objects with unique qualities. It is believed, that "Magpie" led to the origination of the word "Pie" i.e. something that is made with the help of a combination of unique ingredients. 

MyTravelPie.com is our attempt to introduce you to a unique hand-picked collection of boutique hotels, offbeat resorts, homestays, eco-lodges and villas located in the lesser known parts of the world. Each property has to pass certain criteria to be listed on the website and for each property that we list, we personally go and visit the place, interact with the owners and review the quality and services to provide you with in-depth information, advice and recommendations.

Not only this, we enjoy great relationships with these owners and suppliers, and have created exclusive promotional programs with them to offer enviable deals with a lowest-price guarantee across the world wide web. We can asure you that you will not find a better price for the same accommodation or services booked at the same time, by the same method and in the same currency, and this includes booking directly with a hotel or services operator or third party.


Why MyTravelPie.com?

We believe unique travel experiences have the power to enrich our lives and make the world better. Travel expands our horizons and connects us with others. It brings us home and takes us to new places and cultures. Travelling gives us stories that ignite our imagination and touch our spirit, as we share them at dinner tables, across cubicle walls, in random bar conversations or even in airplanes as we fly to our next great adventure.

As we cross geographical, political and cultural boundaries, we expand our knowledge of the world and become more aware of other perspectives. As we share our stories and experiences with others, we build bonds of recognition of our common humanity.


Unique Places to Stay

MyTravelPie.com is committed to bringing more great travel experiences to more people. And while there are many wonderful online travel companies, we believe we can do this differently. Our mission is simple:

Create great travel experiences by helping travelers find and stay at places that are unique. We believe independently owned properties represent the best way to experience a new city, culture or country, because they are owned and operated by local small business owners who often know more than anyone about the culture, customs and “off the beaten path” experiences within their hometowns. Moreover, such properties offer an opportunity to do more than just the touristy thing. You can spend the day reading a book, painting, stargaze or just spend time doing "nothing at all". We believe that travelling is about the experience which should be savoured.


About Our Getaways

Travel beyond the tourist trails, leave those maps behind, tear those guidebooks and shed your inhibitions to experience life off the beaten path. After all the essence of travelling lies in exploring the hidden lands, living with the locals and ditching the touristy delights for a true nomadic experience. At MyTravelPie.com, we offer just that.

We believe that there is a traveller hidden in each one of us. Someone who wants to set-off to exciting new paths, explore unknown lands, seek new companions, converse with strangers and experience culture and adventure.

All of our getaways are carefully crafted to fulfil this very alter ego.

We take care of all your travel needs like safe transportation, hygienic accommodation and meals. All of our trips are curated by us and there is never a third party involved which makes the entire trip a seamless experience. Moreover for all of our trips we appoint a Chief Exploration Officer who travels along to ensure that everything goes as planned and all standards are met.


The Team

If we were asked to sum it up in one sentence or less, it would be this: We are a group of travelers who want to share our passion for independent, boutique hotels, offbeat resorts, homestays, villas and everything that is an "experience" and not just another place to spend the night.

Unique experiences can transform an ordinary trip into an amazing story of discovery. Imagine a place where you can discover all of the great experiences, in all of the best places, get a great price and have fun doing it. We’re building that place. You can help build it, too. Sound off on our Facebook Page or email us directly at info@mytravelpie.com


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